Sunday, March 8, 2009

Crafty #2

I made some cloth napkins. I was kinda inspired by the Earthy Rainbow baby wrap. I made 6 napkins in this colorway, and I have two more pieces of the same fabric in different colorways to do. Next up is some un-paper towels!

Also, this is what happens when you're up sewing late in to the night, and there is alcohol involved. Note, this was NOT sewn by me, but my my mother who has been sewing since high school! What is wrong with this picture?!


Jonna said...

cool napkins! I am interested in the un-paper towels!

Sarah said...

The napkins are lovely! Now I'm inspired and headed to my machine to make some of my own!

Nell said...


Congrats on being picked as one of the final 7 babywearing Moms! I look forward to seeing you wearing your babes in those fancy/fun slings.


Marcela Beatty said...

I wish I was crafty! I can't do more than put a button back ( :

I came over from Steph's blog, congrats on being one of the seven! Can't wait to read on you babywearing your little ones!