Saturday, March 7, 2009

omg crafty!

Today I got a sewing machine... a Brother Innov-is 40.

And I SEWED something for the first time in like 15 years. I made a "wrap scrap tote" out of a wrap scrap I got for free. It was a wool didymos indio, light blue. I'm not sure the name of the exact name of it, I'm curious to find out though. I'll post it on thebabywearer and find out. My mom is in town, staying with us, so she guided me through it.

After mom left, I added one more little embellishment!

I also have fabric waiting in the wings to become cloth napkins, un-paper towels, a linen/silk ring sling and a cute little half apron. I'm so excited!!!


Helen said...

I must learn how to really sew! ...I guess if I got off the freaking internet I could... ;)

meshell said...

Hooray for a new machine! That bag is cute!